• Wedding Caterers In Coimbatore
  • Sivakumar catering services is well know from our customers who are eager to recognize the high class infrastructure and formats as we adopt. We sivakumar catering services are well commit to high quality and our team deliver efficient catering services. It raises by the virtue and we are going to share our infrastructure facilities right here. Let us see what makes our quality infrastructure so unique and presentable in our corporate office in Coimbatore
  • We Have a Centralized Kitchen
  • Sivakumar catering services has a clean centralized kitchen that has been certified and received registered acclamation from organised hospitality industries.Our entire team believe in state of the art that is our kitchen, which comes with highh standards of infrastructure and amenities. We have all the technical supports that would help us to handle ample volumes and high profiles of catering with our commendable inventories. Our team uses modern equipments in cooking ranges,crockery, cutlery and glasswares for our catering needs.
  • We Do Catering On Wheels
  • As the world is going to be mobilized even we are doing mobile catering services. You just need to be ordered us and we would drop your requirements at the ideal place with no stress or strains. We hold our own refrigerated and air conditioned vehicles for timely food transportation and We make sure, that the transportation of the material is done in the right time at right manner. We are very cautious about the guests hygiene and maintaining the correct food temperatures to make sure that the food stays safe at every aspects of serving.